Class Styles

Beginners Ashtanga

Learn the fundamentals of the Asthanga series. Starting with the ujjayi breath, to standing asana (postures). Teachers will focus on alignment for safety & progression, and a pace that is inspiring yet not too demanding. A wonderful foundation for beginning your yoga journey.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a fast flowing style of yoga with a set sequence of postures. It helps you tone music and lose weight. This style of yoga improves cardiovascular fitness as well as providing many of the other benefits of other styles of yoga such as de-stressing, improving focus and concentration, as well as benefits to posture and health.

Hatha Yoga

The Hatha Yoga class is an eclectic mix or fusion of Ashtanga Yoga, Viniyoga, Sivananda Yoga and other styles of Hatha Yoga thrown in. This reflects the diverse influences on my journey in yoga. The Hatha Yoga classes are less physically challenging than the Ashtanga yoga classes. (Viniyoga is a slower dynamic form whilst Ashtanga Yoga is a faster dynamic form). We will work more precisely with particular postures when appropriate. The way I teach the Hatha Yoga class is as a fusion of Vinyasa Flow, Viniyoga, Sivananda Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga,. (The various Vinyasa Flow styles developed from Ashtanga Yoga.)

Jivamukti Yoga

Challenging yoga practice; each class includes a challenging & constantly changing physical practice with inspiring music, meditation, chanting & spiritual teachings. You will probably break out in a sweat during Jivamukti as it is an intense form of yoga with fast paced asana sequences. It is a traditional yoga practice weaved into a modern lifestyle. Jivamukti Yoga is 1 of the 9 internationally recognised styles of hatha yoga. Founders Sharon Gannon & David Life are recognised as ‘innovators in yoga’ in the U.S. today

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

An energising and usually challenging series of dynamic postures, flowing with the breath. This class is an inspiring blend of consistent asana (postures) & stationary asnana, usually practised with music. Everyone is welcome.