Live! Ecstatic Dance

Saturday 24th November 2018 


Andrea Everingham will guide us into an ever evolving and shifting flow meditation with ‘Order of Love’ (multi-instrumentalists and space-holders from ‘Music as Medicine’ and ‘Caulbearers music’; Damien Mahoney , Gavin Mullan & Nic Malin) playing an improvised set of soundscape and music;

‘from the gentle caress of singing bowls and angelic strings to the tribal force of drums, rhythm, bass and didgeridoo’.  

The musicians will not be following a set structure, it will be 100% improvised;  this way the sound journey is in direct relationship to the dance. One guiding and influencing the other.

Join us in creating this unique and safe space for exploring your body and mind through the power of ecstatic joy, bliss and heart opening community on the dance floor; where all of you is welcome.

“What a beautiful evening of dancing. thank you so much to everyone who has put this night together…. it really did make my heart sing…. dancing to live music is just stunning….music and dance is definitely medicine to all suffering….. love it and love you all….thanks again“


“Thank you, my first encounter of pure ecstasy in Chorlton“


Cost £12/£10 for One Yoga members 

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