Manchester Women’s Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circle

This session is on Friday 5th October 7:30-10:30

Mantra’s as a method of meditation do not need us to be able to concentrate, by singing Mantra’s we are using ancient codes which hold a certain vibration, this vibration moves through our body and thoughts and is capable of transforming sadness into joy therefore healing. Through working in this way we are purifying our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and bodies enabling and making space for us to awaken.

“In this method we create a circle of people who sing the mantras together. Then we place a person (or several people) in the centre who just sit quietly and receive the mantras. In the centre the effect of the mantras is most concentrated and the depth of meditation that can be reached is utterly amazing. We create a very powerful Presence of Meditation that otherwise would be difficult to create.
The Mantra Transmission Circle is the most powerful meditation method that I know. It links up the consciousness of everyone in the circle through Mantra to help the people in the middle to go beyond the limits of their own consciousness. In this process, the persons in middle can experience a tremendous expansion, deepening and purification of consciousness that is vastly beyond the state consciousness of any single person present. No other method does this.
This method represents the very essence of friends helping each other to find liberation.”

I’ve created Meditation Circles for Women for us to come together to support each other in a focused practice of Mantra Meditation in order to expand our consciousness and wake to our limitless possibilities. – Shahida

Feedback on the sessions:

“On Saturday when I attending the Wellbeing Festival in Huddersfield, I didn’t know quite what I’d be finding there, I joined your session for just 30mins and came away with something I have never felt before”

N.R Greater Manchester

“Thanks xx, for thinking of me… this stuff is powerful.”

“…The power and the energy of the evening coming from you all was immense. I feel honoured to have been part of it and blessed to have received the healing.”

(Both Testimonials are from the Warrington Circle, Full Testimonials on Facebook)

If you have any questions about the Mantra Transmission and Meditation Circle, the work and or any other queries please feel free to contact Shahida on:

Facebook: Mantra Transmission and Meditation with Shahida

Phone: 07402 305 690