November Events

Hi One Yogis

We have some great events happening in November including the very popular Gong Bath and Family Yoga.

Here is whats going on at One Yoga this month:

Breathwork November 17th

Breathwork is helpful for many conditions, but is particularly effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, ill health across many levels and for generally creating a healthy environment for body, mind and spirit.

Working with the Alchemy of Breath Conscious Connected Breathing technique, you will be amazed by the power and potency of this work; the true art of soul retrieval!

Gong Bath Sunday November 18th

Gong baths are like my heart exploding in bright colours, or…. maybe it’s better to say our hearts….. but anyway, I get to play and you get to close your eyes and the sounds get to come into your being and encourage you to open up and let go… which… I would hazard a guess…. is what our being would most like to do in the whole world.  Don’t forget to bring a mat, blanket and pillow for super-coziness  (there are some mats, blankets and pillows available, but not always enough for everyone).

Family Yoga November 24th

Mums and dads, grandparents, carers, uncles and aunties. You do not need to be strong, fit or flexible to come, just prepared to take part, enjoy, calm and connect.

During family yoga we’ll have

  • breathing practices to calm the mind and body
  • partner and family postures
  • relaxation
  • mindful activities for everyone
  • the experience of sound
  • time together to nourish

Live! Ecstatic Dance November 24th

Andrea Everingham will guide us into an ever evolving and shifting flow meditation with ‘Order of Love’ (multi-instrumentalists and space-holders from ‘Music as Medicine’ and ‘Caulbearers music’; Damien Mahoney , Gavin Mullan & Nic Malin) playing an improvised set of soundscape and music


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