Mysore Programme Schedule


Monday 6:00-8:30am – With Joshua Wright

Wednesday 6:00-8:30am – With Joshua Wright / Donna McCafferey

Friday 6:00-8:30am – Donna McCafferey


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3 day weekly pass £24
5 class pass £45
Monthly pass £80

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Mysore Programme Q and A

Mysore is simply an assisted self practice where each student practices their known portion of the Ashtanga primary or intermediate sequence. The teacher is there to hold the space and will provide assistance and adjustment of those postures as required and will give tuition of the next postures in the sequence when the student is ready. This allows the student to progress at a pace suited to them and builds a robust knowledge of the practice. It helps you to remember the postures and the order they come in, It is often likened to being a private lesson in a group situation where each student receives individual instruction specific to their needs. This is the traditional approach to teaching Ashtanga as developed by Sri K Patahbi Jois in Mysore, India. It makes the practice your own , and once learned you never forget it!

What is Mysore ?

Mysore is the name of the city in India where Ashtanga Yoga originated. This is the way it has been traditionally taught. It is a self practice class with the assistance of a teacher ,who holds the space for you to practice. You come to the class and you do your practice. You are in a group of people doing their own practice and the teacher is there to assist you to get into postures you are stuck on by giving hands on adjustments. If you forget a posture the teacher will remind you what comes next, so don’t worry if you cant remember the sequence.

But don’t you have to be an advanced yogi to go to the Mysore class?

No! in fact it is ideal for beginners because there is not so much to remember, because you are given a few postures at a time and asked to repeat them until you know the order and then you will be given another posture when you are ready. In fact this is the perfect class for everyone because you work through the postures at your own pace and you don’t have to rush through getting into postures that you maybe cant do or maybe need to spend a little longer getting in to. The teacher has more time to help people in and out of postures because everyone is at different places . You actually get one to one assistance from the teacher in a Mysore class.

But its for two hours !!! do I have to stay the whole time ???

No! you can spend as long as you want in your practice , you don’t even have to arrive at 6.00 am. You can arrive any time after 6.00 so long as you are finished for 8.30 . So if your practice is only an hour that’s fine, its your practice. Mysore makes the practice your own !

But I’ll never remember the sequence

If you attend regular led classes , you’ll be surprised how quickly you will pick it up ! And also how much you’ll be able to remember , and anyway the teacher is there to guide you so if you miss out a posture or forget where you are the teacher will tell you what comes next.

But why is it so early in the morning????

The reason for early morning practice is because yoga is better practiced on an empty stomach and when you have just got up your stomach is empty!
It is also quieter early in the morning so less distractions , and also less chatter in the mind.
It sets you up for the day, so you do your practice and then get on with your life …..
It becomes a habit to just do your practice once you’ve woken up, and you start your day feeling focussed and calm and this inevitably carries on into your daily life.
Plus we salute the sun , as it come up ! How it should be…

But I’m intimidated because everyone else knows what they are doing

Don’t worry because everyone has been a beginner once and anyway most people are too busy focussing on their own practice.

Give it a try ! it is the best and safest way to practice Ashtanga yoga . You can tailor the practice to you so that it suits your pace and your body ! this way the practice becomes your own !